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The MCU actors are all in a fantasy football league and here are their top picks

By Hemal Jhaveri  | September 10, 2020


Last year, Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Avengers:Infinity War and Avengers:Endgame, debuted the AGBO Fantasy Football League, a one-of-a-kind fantasy league featuring famous actors all playing for charity. Presented by FanDuel, the league is back for a second year, this time with participants competing for prize pool of $1 million to go towards the charity of their choice. In addition to that purse, $250,000 will be donated to charities in the memory of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman who passed away in late August from cancer.

Here’s everyone playing in the 14-person Superhero Fantasy Football League with the charity of their choice, in their draft order.

Elizabeth Olsen (The Rape Foundation)
Robert Downey Jr.(Footprint Coalition)
Paul Rudd (Big Slick/Children’s Mercy Hospital)
Ryan Reynolds (SickKids Foundation of Canada)
Pom Klementieff (Time’s Up)
Chris Evans (Christopher’s Haven)
Matthew Berry (The V Foundation for Cancer Research)
Joe Russo (The Arthritis Foundation)
Tom Holland (The Brothers Trust)
Karen Gillian (Mikey’s Line)
Simu Liu (TBD)
Anthony Mackie (Stem NOLA)
Chris Hemsworth (Australian Childhood Foundation)
Chris Pratt (Special Olympics Washington)

Now, onto their picks.

According to our NFL insiders* (*not actual insiders, just people who play a lot of fantasy) RDJ didn’t have the best draft, and Paul Rudd or Ryan Reynolds have the best chances of winning the league. Also worth noting that Chris Evans stayed true to his Boston roots by drafting Tom Brady, though I would expect nothing less considering this mask/cap combo.

Last year, Australian Hemsworth was the surprise winner of the league and he’s already back with a trash talk video.


This year the matchups will be featured on the AGBO website, which also shows each team name the celebrity picked. The winner for best team name is easily Simu Liu for ‘Crazy Ripped Asians’ followed by Anthony Mackie with ‘New Orleans MacTack’ and Robert Downey Jr. for ‘Stark Realities.’ Zero points for everyone who just went with their last name as the team name. Come on Ryan Reynolds, you can do better than Team Reynolds! Anyway, you can follow along on all the fantasy action here.