Collider Is Moderating an Exclusive Russo Brothers Panel at CCXP Worlds

By Steve Weintraub | November 30 2020

Learn new info on ‘Cherry’ with Tom Holland, the ‘Extraction’ sequel, ‘The Gray Man’ with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and more

If you’re a fan of the Russo Brothers and curious about the many projects they’re working on, I’ve got some cool news to share. This Saturday at 3:50pm PT/6:50 ET during CCXP Worlds, Collider is hosting an exclusive conversation with Anthony and Joe Russo where they will speak at length about the many projects they’re working on at their production company AGBO, including Cherry with Tom Holland, their next directorial effort The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, the Extraction sequel, and so much more I can’t list it all here. Trust me, if you’re a fan of the Russos, or just looking forward to any of the projects I just mentioned, you’re going to want to tune in.

If you’re not familiar with CCXP, the convention takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil every December and each year the con has grown in size. Last year, CCXP had over 280,000 people attend the convention which world premiered tons of cool footage, trailers, and featured some of the biggest names in Hollywood on the main stage. With the pandemic still ongoing around the world, the convention is taking place online this year and everyone at Collider is extremely excited to be participating in the show.

I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself how can I attend/watch CCXP? You’ve got a few options. If you’d like to do everything CCXP has to offer — which includes the main stage, artists alley, video games, cosplay, and so much more — you’ll need to click this link and register for a FREE badge. Once you arrive on the CCXP Worlds site select "free experience" and enter your name, birthdate, and email (you can skip document). After agreeing to the privacy policy, check out and you’ll arrive on the terms and conditions page. Agree to the terms and privacy policy and close order. You will then arrive on the login page. You’ll now need to click on the "register" button. While the form has a lot of questions, you only need to fill in the ones with required fields. I know it sounds like a lot but it’s super easy and will take under one minute, and you’ll have access to so many cool things.