Bridgerton Alum Regé-Jean Page Reveals The ‘Freakiest’ Thing About Working With The Russo Brothers On Netflix’s The Gray Man

Shondaland’s Bridgerton was only dropped to Netflix last December but, since the scandalous period drama spent the following few months on Netflix’s top 10 list, leading man Regé-Jean Page has been quite busy. Even though he won’t be returning for Season 2 of Bridgerton, he will still very much be available for your streaming pleasure. In fact, he’s moving on with the MCU’s Russo Brothers in their upcoming film, The Gray Man, which Netflix already has the rights to. Now, Page has revealed the "freakiest" part of working on the film.

Regé-Jean Page’s killer performance and popularity on Bridgerton has left him very desirable in Hollywood, maybe even for iconic roles such as the next James Bond. While Page is glad that he managed to grab a role in the next Russo Brothers’ film, that major career step apparently comes with a few things. Page tells Variety, in a cover interview, that working with directors Joe and Anthony Russo is accompanied an element that can be challenging to deal with. Here it is in the actor’s own words:


The freakiest thing about working on a Russo set is that the standards are so insanely high for everyone in every department that they don’t police you through stuff. They’re like, ‘Here’s this insanely difficult thing; do it.’ And then they just expect you to be able to do it, because they don’t hire folks who can’t.


I mean, this totally makes sense. The Russo Brothers are huge players in the Hollywood game, having been a major part of the MCU with their many Avengers and Captain America films, and that’s just part of their body of work. The filmmaking brothers have a slew of production titles still upcoming and are steadily adding to their directing portfolio, with The Gray Man just being one such film.

The Russo Brothers work with some heavy hitters, which will be the case for this newest film, as they are dipping into their Marvel talent pool. Regé-Jean Page will experience this actor crossover by acting alongside Captain America’s Chris Evans in The Gray Man and, even though Bridgerton certainly had its challenges for actors, Page does not have an extensive résumé like a number of his co-stars have. He’ll acting be alongside Hollywood titan Ryan Gosling and skilled veteran actors like Billy Bob Thornton and Alfre Woodard. Leading lady Ana de Armas may also be relatively new to the Hollywood scene, but she already has some big film titles under her belt, including the upcoming Bond film, No Time To Die.

With such big co-stars, high standards, and huge expectations, it’s no wonder Regé-Jean Page is having such an exciting time working on The Gray Man with the Russo Brothers and their cast of fantastic Hollywood icons. He should get used to it, though, because it looks like being a big name in Hollywood just may be Page’s new reality. The Gray Man has yet to confirm a release date, but you can be sure to see it streaming on Netflix right along with Season 2 of Bridgerton at some point in the future.