By AGBO Team | June 30, 2023

Pom Hunt is a Creative Coordinator at AGBO. She has been with the company since 2021 and works closely with the Chief Creative Officer, Angela Russo-Otstot. Her role spans across creative development in TV and Film and collaborates with most teams including Physical Production and Marketing to name a few. Originally from Thailand, Pom went to film school and has experience on set working on productions as well.


Tell us about your job
The position that I am right now as a creative coordinator, I actually work very closely with physical production and also marketing, which have been so fun. I feel like I have seen the projects from the very beginning, from developing the script all the way through while it's in production and also as it's coming out. That’s really what I think is the most rewarding part of my job.

How would you define being a producer?
You put people together, you play to people's strength and make sure that they are well supported in what they do and together you move forward to make something that is better than one person could do.

Tell us about your background
I grew up in Thailand. I went to film school with a bunch of film nerds and the thing that I loved during that time was the camaraderie of people working on a film set together. And that's really what drew me into filmmaking. And I found that throughout the time that I have been doing this that is the most, I think, rewarding, but also interesting part because you make new friends on every film that you work on

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received since working at AGBO?
The best advice that I got is actually from our head of film, Michael Disco. He has said to me very early on as he started, he looked me in the eye and he said, your opinions matter. Because sometimes I do get intimidated by very high level people in the room and I would be afraid to speak up, but trusting that advice I would speak up more.

What character in the AGBO universe do you most relate to?
I would say Evelyn Wang because she's also an immigrant coming from Asia and in a lot of ways, coming to her own understanding of what she already had accomplished that it should mean something to her and it's not a failure. I feel like that's something that I can a hundred percent relate to.